Medical Technology & Pharmaceutics

Applications & Measurement Solutions

High-resolution optical 3D metrology is indispensable in the manufacture of instruments, implants and other medical devices. Bruker Alicona measuring solutions enable the automatic area measurement of shape and roughness.

Applications of optical 3D metrology in the medical industry

>> High resolution measurement

of dental implants' roughness, including those on thread roots, knee, hip or spinal disc implants


>> Complete measurement

of surgical drills, milling cutters, etc.


>> Measurement of pills and capsules

Simple and visible verification against imitations, determination of slip properties through area-based measurement of surface characteristics


>> Quality assurance

of orthodontic brackets, packaging products and materials, blister machines and compontens e.g. sealing tools, heating plates and sealing rollers


>> Verification

of surface finish and quality of surgical instruments and instrument tables