Metrology Lounge

Experience our measurement systems live

More than a showroom

Our new metrology lounge acts as a showroom of our products and location for hands on product training. It provides our current and potential customers with access to the latest in metrology technology. The Alicona metrology lounge consists of a meeting room and four temperature stable measurement rooms.

Measurement Rooms

The four measurement rooms are temperature stable to VDI/VDE 2627-1 regarding the temperature. The target temperature in the measurement rooms is between 18° and 22°C or between 18° and 26°C. The relative humidity is between 35% and 55%. Of course, the metrology lounge is pre-climatized to assure better temperature stabilities. In our measurement rooms our customers can book customer demonstrations and get to know test the whole range of our measurement systems. 

Test our measurement systems

µCMM - Optical 3D coordinate measuring machine

InfiniteFocus - Optical 3D measurement of form and roughness

InfiniteFocusSL - Optical 3D surface measurement system

EdgeMasterX - Automated cutting edge measurement system

Come and visit us

The metrology lounge is accessible for our current and potential customers. If you are interested in our metrology systems or have a measurement task, please contact our experts.